Put Your Mind To It, Go For It

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It is about time that I started a blog. I have been calling myself a writer since I was about six years old and could sound out words (though my spelling was terrible).

I have been considering starting a personal blog for more than a year but didn’t believe that I had enough to say to make it worth while for anyone. While I still am unconvinced that the general happenings in my life would make for a riveting read, I do believe that I have some valuable musings to share with a segment of the blogging world. So here I am.

After a bit of self-discovery, I realized that I likely spend more than 50% of my waking hours thinking about, talking about, or doing something about my health and well-being. And since I spend so much time contemplating food, calories, exercise, healthy living, etc. why not write out what goes on in my head. I am betting some of what goes on up there will be valuable to others.

And so here it is… my new blog all about my journey to health.


Hot Sundae

Fictional girl singing group, Hot Sundae, sang "Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat!"