Put Your Mind To It, Go For It

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A few years ago I belonged to a small, no-frills, private gym near my office. That’s when I started taking group fitness classes and experimenting with different activities to find out what worked for me. As I got more comfortable as a gym-goer, I got more adventurous with the classes I’d try. And eventually I braved the spinning class.

There is a stigma associated with spinning that makes it a daunting class to try. Spinning instructors are known for being drill sergeants. The workout is known for being a killer. And the attendance of spandex-donning gym bunnies kept me and my baggy t-shirts away from those bikes for many months. Keep Reading…


Over the past few years I have become increasingly more dedicated to exercise. The way I feel after a hard workout is better than I feel doing almost anything else.  It really is amazing.

When I used to be bored, lonely, or just empty-handed I would eat. I struggled (and still occasionally struggle) with a binge eating disorder. But what’s changed since making health and fitness a part of my life is that now, my go-to comfort is no longer food. The feeling I get from a good workout trumps the momentary satisfaction I used to get from a tub of ice cream. Keep Reading…

Hot Sundae

Fictional girl singing group, Hot Sundae, sang "Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat!"