Put Your Mind To It, Go For It

Accountability and Candor

Posted on: September 29, 2010

Now that I am officially in training mode toward achieving one of my goals, I am more motivated than ever. It is incredibly important to me to be a role model in the leader position. And as a role model, I refuse to be a hypocrite. So, I need to always live the program and practice what I preach.

As a Weight Watchers member, I found that two things were instrumental in my success: accountability and candor. It took me three attempts at the program before I was honest with myself and admitted that I needed the regimented help of the meetings. I needed the accountability of getting on that scale. I believe in that power of that accountability and in the power of speaking candidly about challenges in order to overcome them.

With those two things in mind, I will candidly admit that I am a leader-in-training who still has struggles and challenges. I still need accountability. That will never change. I am a leader-in-training who is 5 lbs above my goal weight. I have let my food tracking slip. I have failed to plan for challenges. That stops here.

During the training process, we are given homework assignments each week. We are asked to visit at least two different meetings with different leaders each week to observe various styles. It has been great to hear the same message framed in different ways. We are also tasked with some reading and with preparing short presentations. In addition to those homework assignments, I am tasking myself with working the program and getting back to goal.

While I can’t disclose too much information about the training program, I am sure many of my posts moving forward will be fueled by topics that we discuss during our sessions and also by my homework assignments. I’m hoping that this process is as valuable to you as it is to me and I am looking forward to sharing my thoughts, challenges, and revelations with you.


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