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Carbs, and Points, and Tracking – Oh My!

Posted on: September 27, 2010

I wonder if anyone noticed that I went MIA for a little more than a month? Did anyone hear the crickets chirping when they visited this page?

The reason for my absence was me trying to figure out how to manage the reality of PCOS with the functionality of Weight Watchers. In early September, my doctor called and had me speak to a nutritionist about PCOS and what that means to my weight and my eating habits. In a nutshell, I was told that carbs are the devil. I’d heard that in passing before from other PCOS sufferers but coming from this nutritionist made it real. She told me, that in order to lose weight, I should keep my carb intake around 100 carbs per day.

Do you know how few 100 carbs is? I didn’t! I’ve never counted carbs. I have been looking at calories, fat, and fiber to track points for as long as I can remember. It turns out, 100 carbs is 2 apples, one banana, and a Weight Watchers pita.

Once I started paying attention, I realized I’ve been hitting 100 carbs in a day just eating fruit! I started counting carbs and looking for higher protein foods and guess what I’ve discovered? I feel so much better.

Then I started thinking about skipping the point counting to opt for carb counting. But after a bit of contemplation, I realized I can manage both and have even better results. I can pay attention to carb counts in my foods while still tracking points.

Moving forward I am going to be a more carb conscious Weight Watcher.


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