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I have decided to try my hand at running a fully hosted and (gasp) paid blog. In order to do that, I needed to buy a domain and get myself hosted.

After much deliberation and some creative photoshopping, I have set up my new site at IdLikeToSolveThePuzzle.com.

Please follow me to my new home and tell your friends!


A week ago, we officially entered Fall. Tomorrow, we officially enter October. Those are two official reasons for me to blog my love of pumpkin. The fruit is a great addition to autumn d├ęcor. The orange color adds spark to many a doorstep. The gourd also lends itself to one of my favorite Halloween traditions: carving a jack-o-lantern. But the best thing about pumpkin, in my opinion: eating it!
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Now that I am officially in training mode toward achieving one of my goals, I am more motivated than ever. It is incredibly important to me to be a role model in the leader position. And as a role model, I refuse to be a hypocrite. So, I need to always live the program and practice what I preach.

As a Weight Watchers member, I found that two things were instrumental in my success: accountability and candor. It took me three attempts at the program before I was honest with myself and admitted that I needed the regimented help of the meetings. I needed the accountability of getting on that scale. I believe in that power of that accountability and in the power of speaking candidly about challenges in order to overcome them.
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In case anyone is keeping score, I did go to my Weight Watchers leader interview/info session three weeks ago.


I am officially a Leader In Training!

For the next 8-10 weeks I will attending 3-hour training sessions every weekend. I’ll be learning the ins-and-outs of the Weight Watchers program, building and practicing motivational skills, and meeting some great people along the way. I’m only one session in and I already love it!

More on that later.

I wonder if anyone noticed that I went MIA for a little more than a month? Did anyone hear the crickets chirping when they visited this page?

The reason for my absence was me trying to figure out how to manage the reality of PCOS with the functionality of Weight Watchers. In early September, my doctor called and had me speak to a nutritionist about PCOS and what that means to my weight and my eating habits. In a nutshell, I was told that carbs are the devil. I’d heard that in passing before from other PCOS sufferers but coming from this nutritionist made it real. She told me, that in order to lose weight, I should keep my carb intake around 100 carbs per day.
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Hot Sundae

Fictional girl singing group, Hot Sundae, sang "Put your mind to it, go for it, get down and break a sweat!"