Put Your Mind To It, Go For It

Evil Scale

Posted on: August 23, 2010

The scale isn’t being nice to me. After my first re-motivated week, I weighed myself and am somehow up three pounds! THREE pounds?! When my goal was to lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks, it doesn’t feel great to know after one week, I now have a new goal of losing 9 pounds in three weeks. What is going on here?

I’m pretty sure I’m stressing myself out. I’m putting pressure on myself to reach a certain number at a certain time. Like an angst-y teen being given a curfew, my body is rebelling.

I need relax and remember that the program works. Follow the rules and the weight will come off. It’s science, right?

While I’m ticked at the scale, I’m proud of myself. I had my first perfectly-on-plan weekend in ages this past weekend. I journaled everything I ate. I avoided some temptations and have flex points to spare this week. I am staying off of the scale until Friday and my fingers are crossed that it rewards me for following the plan.

Cross your fingers for me. I need to keep the bratty teenager within from getting out. She’s telling me that if I’m going to gain three pounds, I might as well eat and enjoy it. So far I’ve been able to tell that little b*tch to “talk to the hand” and stop trying to sabotage me.


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