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Accountability Time

Posted on: August 13, 2010

As promised in my post yesterday, here are my current motivations for getting back to my goal weight:

  1. My health. The doctor says he wants to “guard and protect” my future fertility and losing weight is the first step do doing that.
  2. My dream. Since starting my journey on Weight Watchers many years ago I hoped to one day become a Weight Watcher leader. After reaching Lifetime status back in October of 2007, I was able to apply for the job. WW of Philadelphia only calls applicants on an as-needed basis and I finally got a call for an interview. If the interview/hiring/training works out I need to practice what I preach.
  3. My sanity (and my husband’s sanity). I am in a better mood, and am a nicer person when I feel good about my body and about my choices. I let the number on the scale dictate my disposition on any given day and getting that number under control will go a long way for my mental health.

The first goal listed above is more open-ended and long-term. I want to be at a healthy weight so I can eventually be a healthy mom. It is the second motivation listed above that gives me a short-term focus. And, as I have learned through my weight journey, I do better when I have smaller, short-term goals along the path to my overall objective.

So, for now, I am focusing on the possibility of becoming a Weight Watcher leader. My reasons for wanting to become a leader and why I think I would excel in the role deserve a post of their own (stay tuned next week). My official Weight Watcher goal weight is 158 pounds. According to the WW rules, in order to weight in at Lifetime status and attend a meeting for free I need to weight less than 160 pounds.

My initial interview is on September 11. That is just under one month from today. I don’t know if they will weigh me at that interview, but I think it is only fair/legitimate to become a leader to other people who are trying to lose weight, if I can be a living example of how it is done. And so, I believe that I need to be within the WW approved weight-range at the time of that interview.


This morning I weighed myself at 165.2 pounds. I have four weeks to lose 5-6 pounds. It is absolutely doable. I just need to follow the program that I want to preach.

The reason that I am outside of my goal weight range is simply due to lack of planning, journaling, and weighing. Like I said yesterday, no excuse is a good excuse and I can and will achieve my goal.

For the next four weeks, I plan to be accountable to myself through journaling every bit, lick, and taste along the way. I will check in here as often as possible with my plans, challenges, and successes. I will weigh myself on Friday mornings as my official weigh in for the week. And, ideally, on Friday September 10 (four weeks from today), I will be back at my goal weight and ready for that interview.


1 Response to "Accountability Time"

You would be a fabulous WW leader – and the list of reasons why is very, very long. I’d wish you luck, but you don’t really need it. I can’t think of anyone better suited for the job. The members of Philly will be so lucky to have you as their inspiration.

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