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The scale isn’t being nice to me. After my first re-motivated week, I weighed myself and am somehow up three pounds! THREE pounds?! When my goal was to lose 6 pounds in 4 weeks, it doesn’t feel great to know after one week, I now have a new goal of losing 9 pounds in three weeks. What is going on here?

I’m pretty sure I’m stressing myself out. I’m putting pressure on myself to reach a certain number at a certain time. Like an angst-y teen being given a curfew, my body is rebelling.

I need relax and remember that the program works. Follow the rules and the weight will come off. It’s science, right?

While I’m ticked at the scale, I’m proud of myself. I had my first perfectly-on-plan weekend in ages this past weekend. I journaled everything I ate. I avoided some temptations and have flex points to spare this week. I am staying off of the scale until Friday and my fingers are crossed that it rewards me for following the plan.

Cross your fingers for me. I need to keep the bratty teenager within from getting out. She’s telling me that if I’m going to gain three pounds, I might as well eat and enjoy it. So far I’ve been able to tell that little b*tch to “talk to the hand” and stop trying to sabotage me.


How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

I love thee for your low calorie stats
My soul is pleased by your lack of fats
For lazy chefs like me, you save precious time.
I love thee for costing just barely a dime.
Your flavors are vast and give me variety.
I love thee for saving me from “what’s for dinner” anxiety.
I love thee most especially in onion herb and Cajun flavor.
When doused on chicken, my dinner I savor.
Oh, Sir. McCormick and Mrs. Dash,
I love thee for making my dinners a smash!
With my shakers of seasoning, I’m happy to proclaim
That last minute dinners are no longer lame!

As promised in my post yesterday, here are my current motivations for getting back to my goal weight:

  1. My health. The doctor says he wants to “guard and protect” my future fertility and losing weight is the first step do doing that.
  2. My dream. Since starting my journey on Weight Watchers many years ago I hoped to one day become a Weight Watcher leader. After reaching Lifetime status back in October of 2007, I was able to apply for the job. WW of Philadelphia only calls applicants on an as-needed basis and I finally got a call for an interview. If the interview/hiring/training works out I need to practice what I preach.
  3. My sanity (and my husband’s sanity). I am in a better mood, and am a nicer person when I feel good about my body and about my choices. I let the number on the scale dictate my disposition on any given day and getting that number under control will go a long way for my mental health. Read More…

I noted in my post on Friday about my PCOS diagnosis, the doctor explaining to me why my body has a harder time losing fat gives me a justification for being overweight. It makes me feel like I have a medical reason for the cellulite and tummy rolls. But just because I have this diagnosis doesn’t absolve me from needing to lose a few more pounds. It is the opposite, in fact. The need is even stronger; even if the result may be harder to attain.

“Losing weight is hard. Maintaining is hard. Being overweight is hard. Choose your hard.”

So that’s that. I don’t get a free pass to give up on myself just because I finally have an answer. There is no excuse that is good enough to sacrifice my health.

The fact is, regardless of how hard it is for me to lose weight, I have done it in the past. I am capable of dropping pounds. I am capable of maintaining a lower weight. I can do it. I will do it.

I am six pounds heavier than my goal weight. And now I have multiple motivators to push me to drop those (more on that tomorrow…)


Posted on: August 6, 2010

I haven’t posted anything this week because I haven’t really known what to say. I’ve been trying to figure a few things out for myself and I’m not sure I’ve wrapped my head around it yet. And, for that reason, I was at a loss.

Let me clarify…

I’ve been having some medical issues (nothing super scary, so don’t freak) and I finally got an answer on Tuesday as to what is up with my body. The diagnosis has answered a lot of long-time questions for me. But, just knowing why my body is doing what it is doing doesn’t solve the problem. Read More…

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