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Eating Is Easier (Re-Post from ‘Escape from Obesity’)

Posted on: July 30, 2010

I wanted to share something I read on one a blog I read occasionally. Reading this gave me a few chills and a sense of strength going in to the weekend. I hope it will do the same for you.

From Escape from Obesity:

When I am bored, eating is easier than finding something productive to do.

When I am tired, eating is easier than forcing myself to keep working or convincing myself to take a nap.

When I am angry, eating is easier than feeling those unpleasant feelings.

When I am sad, eating is easier than crying real tears.

When I am scared, eating is easier than facing my fears or screaming into my pillow because I don’t have an answer.

When I am rejected, eating is easier than feeling the loneliness.

When I am frustrated, eating is easier than finding a solution.

Eating is easier than really living. But do you really want a life shrouded and numbed by food?

Do you really?

Is it REALLY easier? Not in the long run.

Sitting is harder than running, when you are unable to join your little ones in play.

Riding is harder than walking, when you have lost your mobility due to your weight.

Lying on the couch is harder than taking the stairs, when your children are going to bed each night without kisses.

Eating is harder than dealing with life, when you realize your days are limited and you’ve wasted them focused on food.

In ten, twenty, thirty years, where will you be if you take the easy way? Will your life be easier then?

Losing weight is hard. Being fat is hard. Maintaining is hard.

Choose your hard.


1 Response to "Eating Is Easier (Re-Post from ‘Escape from Obesity’)"

Karen, Thanks for the great quote! I passed this on to some of my friends, and it really struck a chord! How are you doing buddy?? Please post and let us know 🙂

I will be checking on you!

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