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Gnu Bars (-) & Garden Lites (+)

Posted on: July 29, 2010

The scale has NOT been friendly lately and I only have myself to blame. Vacation, weddings, trying a new weight loss method, etc. did not treat me nicely. Or, should I say, I did not treat me nicely…

I have admitted defeat and come happily back to the one thing that I know works: Weight Watchers. But, having been a WW member for what feels like eternity, I get bored. So, I’m on a mission to try new things, attempt new recipes, and be inventive. No more same-old-same-old.

On that note, I present you with my take on two new-to-me products.

Gnu Bars, Blech!

TMI Disclaimer! I have always had a bit of trouble in the digestion department. I am not a regular go-er. So, months ago, someone recommended Gnu Bars to me. They consist of 12 grams of fiber and are a great way to get yourself moving. While intrigued, I’d never seen them in any store I frequent. I investigated them online, but wasn’t willing to spend the $ for shipping. But, this week I found them at a health food store. So I bought three: chocolate brownie, peanut butter, and cinnamon raisin.

Yesterday I had the chocolate brownie. If you’re looking for a cardboard cut-out of a brownie, then this is for you. But if you’re actually planning to eat the thing… nope! Having spend $1.70 per bar, I couldn’t bear the thought of pitching them. This morning I tried the peanut butter. It was significantly more edible but in no way tasted like PB. Maybe a bit more caramel-y.

Gnu Bar: No Me Gusta!

Over all assessment: not worth the money or even the 2 points. If you want your fiber, mix some original F1 cereal in with your yogurt or just down a 1/2 cup with some milk and Splenda.

Garden Lites Souffles, YUM!

I’d heard about Garden Lites months ago on a WW forum but had never been able to track them down. But on Monday, when considering a VitaTop purchase in the freezer section of Wegmans, they caught my eye. Finally, I found the elusive Garden Lites Souffles.

These single-serving meals are made with vegetables, egg whites, and a lot of flavor. In my opinion this is 2 point perfection. You get a decent size meal with two servings of vegetables that is easy and convenient and tastes great for 2 points. This is the kind of food-find that makes my day.

Garden Lites: Me Gusta Mucho!

The Garden Lites Souffle portion size is impressive for the 2 Point price.

Overall assessment: I will be stocking up on these!


3 Responses to "Gnu Bars (-) & Garden Lites (+)"

Hi Karen!!

Love reading your blog…you are such a great writer!

I can get the Banana flavored Gnu bars by me and I used to eat one almost every day and they are in my opinion the best flavor. I have tried the PB one, but don’t remember it being all that great. The texture is definitely something you have to work through!

I saw your post about the Atkins bars- I will have to check them out!!!

I’m so sorry you didn’t like the Gnu bars! I didn’t like the Brownie flavor either, but I love the Cinnamon Raisin.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for the Garden Lites… I’ve also heard good things, too!

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