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Planning Ahead: Memorial Day

Posted on: May 25, 2010

I don’t know about you, but holiday weekends can seriously de-rail me if I go into them with a “free-for-all” mentality. But with a plan, I can come out of a long weekend without a large gain. Who knows, maybe with the right planning and mentality I can even score a loss.

Later this week, I will post some great BBQ recipes, so stay tuned…

For Memorial Day Weekend, I’ll be going to the Jersey Shore with family. I will be away from the blog so try not to miss me too much! While “down the shore” as the Philadelphians say, I need a plan and I need some go-to foods.

Here are some of the snack-y items I plan to bring along:
SodaPops ice pops (35 calories each)
Fiber One 90 calorie bars (to throw in a beach bag)
Fiber One cereal (to start the day off with a filling, low-cal breakfast)
Caramel Popcorn Cakes (to take the place of Johnson’s Popcorn on the boardwalk)
Carrot sticks & hummus
Sugar Free Jello mix
Crystal Lite

I also know that evenings at the shore will lead us to take walks on the boardwalk (yay, exercise); but those jaunts on the boardwalk typically lead to indulging in some kind of late night treat. Knowing this, I can be prepared with a list of safe indulgences so I won’t be deprived.

Waistline friendly boardwalk treats:
Rita’s Sugar Free Water Ice, 2-3 points depending on size.
Rita’s Slenderita Custard, kid’s size, 3 points
Rita’s Slenderita Gelati, regular size, 4 points
TLC’s Polish Water Ice, 5oz, 3points
Dairy Queen, small vanilla cone, 5.5 points
Kohr Bros. Orange Sherbet, small cup, 3-4 points
Boardwalk fries, 3oz serving, 3 points
Auntie Anne’s original pretzel, no butter, 6 points

I’m open to other suggestions for items to bring with me and also any boardwalk food finds. Please comment away!


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