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A Week in Food (+ photos)

Posted on: May 17, 2010

In order to inspire both myself and my readers (all 10 of you) to get creative with meals and snacks this week, I’ve decided to do a 7-day blog series: A Week in Food.


Starbucks Sumatra Blend + 2tbsp Fat Free Half n' Half + Splash of Sugar Free Vanilla DaVinci Syrup = Decadent 1 Point Coffee

Beginning today, I will share the details of all of my meals and snacks complete with pictures and point counts. Even if I go out to eat, I’ll be the crazy lady snapping a shot of my order with my iPhone.

Feel free to comment. Let me know what you think of the meal combinations. If you have modifications that you’ve tried, I want to hear them.


8 Responses to "A Week in Food (+ photos)"

I’m looking forward to this! I love getting new ideas for meals and snacks. How do you like the FF Half and Half?

The FF half/half works great for me. It’s not nearly as creamy as real half/half or actual creamer but it gives my coffee the consistency I need in order to feel indulgent. It is a great daily swap and feels more sinful than skim milk with the same amount of calories.

FF half/half is also works great for creamy mashed potatoes.

I LOVE this! I have thought about doing this for my own sake, so I can “picture” what I’ve eaten.

I love this idea Karen! And the coffee you mentioned sounds really good. I have some SF Davinci syrup and tried putting it in my coffee before, but it didn’t work out. Maybe I put too much?

That is possible. Or if you use the SF syrup and sweetener it can be overly sweet. One or the other is sufficient.

I bought some FF Half-n-Half at the store yesterday. I’m going to give this a try!

So is the sugar free syrup what’s adding the 1 point, or the ff creamer?

The creamer is adding a point. FF half and half is 20 calories in 2tbsp. I typically have a few cups throughout the day and use 4-5tbsp which accounts for a total of 1 point.

The SF syrup is calorie free!

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