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Why Weight Watchers?

Posted on: April 30, 2010

As you read in my Confessions post, I am a self proclaimed diet-a-holic. Why, you might wonder, after trying a variety of different diets, did I choose the Weight Watchers program?

First, a little history…

As I mentioned before, I have been over weight for as long as I can remember. I remember restricting my eating (aka dieting) for the first time when I was in seventh grade (13 years old). That year, I gave up sweets for Lent. I didn’t know I was going on a diet at the time. I was simply making a religious sacrifice for 40 days. At that age, I don’t remember ever weighing myself or being aware of my actual weight number.

What I do remember is the response I received after the sweet sacrifice resulted in a slimmer me. I distinctly remember a member of my family’s church commenting on my weight loss after Mass on Sunday. I don’t remember his exact words or even who this man was, but I do remember him commenting on my weight and telling me I’d done something great. Similarly, a few neighbors made mention of my changed body.

From that point on, I started to measure my value as a person by my physical size. And, that unexpected praise led me to a state of over-awareness of the fact that I had been fat. Instead of the awareness helping me to slim down, it took over my thinking and led me to try a variety of methods to lose weight over the coming years which all backfired and lead me to my highest weight and first Weight Watcher starting weight of 208 pounds at age 16.

I don’t need to post a litany of the programs and plans I attempted. I will just say that many of them worked for a few weeks or months but none were livable.

Livability is why I finally chose and stuck with the Weight Watchers program. Weight Watchers coins itself as a “lifestyle not a diet.” And, once I accepted that (after three different temporary attempts at the program), I became capable of sustaining a way of eating that continues to work for me.

After three different attempts at Weight Watchers, I joined for my fourth and final time in January of 2006. At the time of my 2006 re-join I weighed 185 pounds. I lost approximately 30 pounds, gained my Lifetime status, and have changed my way of thinking about food and about myself.

I will recommend the Weight Watchers program to anyone who wants to find a permanent and livable way to lose weight.


1 Response to "Why Weight Watchers?"

I’m the same way. I’m always recommending WW to other people when they mention that they need to lose weight. I get tired of people asking me “Can you have that on your diet?”. I’m constantly reminding people that it’s not a diet. If it was, then I wouldn’t be able to have stayed with it for so long. It really is a lifestyle change and it’s definitely livable!

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