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Food Staples

Posted on: April 12, 2010

I love to eat. I tend to choose quantity over quality. I like to get the most bang for my Weight Watcher point’s buck.

Here’s a list of products I find myself recommending time and time again:

Laughing Cow Cheese wedges – 1 point per wedge.
* Use in place of mayo or other cheese on a sandwich.
* Use in lots of recipes for creaminess.
* Smear on Celery sticks for a really good snack

Puffed rice or puffed wheat cereal – 1 point per cup
* I add one cup of this to whatever cereal I am eating to bulk it up. One extra point makes your bowl go WAY further (plus it’s cheap)

Jello Sugar Free Black Cherry gelatin mix.
* This is the best flavor by far! It’s 0 points per serving. Add some fruit or FF cool whip.

V8 Garden Broccoli Soup – 3 points for entire box.
* It’s a little bland but if you add some garlic salt and black pepper it’s really good. It has a creaminess to it that you wouldn’t expect.

* La Tortilla Factory Low Carb tortillas are the best – 1 point per tortilla.

Thomas’s Bagel Thins – 1-2 points
*Everything flavor w/ laughing cow cheese wedge is a great breakfast or snack.
*They are great for sandwiches too.

Lawry’s Marinades
*These usually have about 10 calories per serving.
*Teriyaki and Chipotle Lime are the best flavors.

Dry Seasonings
*Taco seasoning (for lean meat taco salads or as a dry rub on chicken)
*Meatloaf seasoning
*Mrs. Dash mixes (onion and herb is the BEST vegetable seasoning I’ve found).

Trader Joes Products:
* Chicken Fajitas (in freezer section). This is a bagged meal that includes chicken, seasoning, peppers, and onions. It’s quick and the entire bag is 6 points. You can split that between two people with some tortillas and salad for an easy meal.
* Vegetable Egg rolls (freezer section). Each egg roll is 2 points and they are a good size. These are the perfect side dish for a stir fry or teriyaki marinated chicken.
* Soups, sauces, spices – check out the different selection and read labels. They have a ton of great options.
* Cereals (high fiber, low calorie options. Read the packaging).
* Ground beef. (their 96% lean ground beef is the best quality I’ve ever found).
* Frozen vegetables and fruit – great selection & price.
* Cheeses (in refrigerator section). They have light cheeses in slices and shredded varieties as well as string cheese. Check labels.


1 Response to "Food Staples"

Thanks for the great list! I still can’t find the Thomas Bagel Thins at any of the stores near me. I really want to try them!

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